Uncover Your Estimated LifeSpan

Step into the chilling abyss as the death clock unveils your fate.

Basic Information: Unearth Your Identity
0.0 M
0.0 KG
Health History: A Chronicle of Suffering
Lifestyle: Choices that Bind
Family History: The Curse Passed Down
Medical Tests: Probing the Abyss
Diet: Nourishment or Nourishment?
Alcohol Consumption: Spirits that Haunt
Stress: A Dance with Madness
Occupation: A Pact with Mundanity
Examining One's Mortality
Sleep: Slumber or Eternal Rest?
Social Life: Navigating the Abyss of Existence
Fending Off the Reaper's Touch
Supplements: Augmenting Your Fate
Dark Pact - Eternal Graveyard

When you join our graveyard, your tombstone becomes a part of it. You can return to see your moments count down, and anyone who visits the graveyard will see it too. Once you're in, there's no turning back.