Usually, my friends and I would gather at my house on weekends to watch movies and have a good time.

On one such day, while my father went out to buy dinner, after getting comfortable and deciding on a movie, we heard something fall in the kitchen.

We paused the movie, and I went to check.

There, in the middle of the kitchen, was a cereal box that couldn't have fallen from where it was.

It seemed as if someone had thrown it, but I didn't pay much attention.

I picked it up, put it back, and returned to the living room.

Just as I was about to sit down, we heard the same noise again.

I rushed to the kitchen, and the cereal box was on the floor once more.

This time, I got a bit scared, but I didn't want to show it to my friends.

I left the box where it was and went back to watch the movie.

After finishing the movie, we were waiting for them to be picked up when suddenly, my friend sitting near the bathroom hallway froze, tears streaming down her eyes.

We asked if she was okay, but she didn't respond.

After a few seconds, she screamed and ran out, we ran after her after catching up with her she told us she saw a woman in white floating towards her.

It scared her, and in her mind, she was screaming, but no sound came out until she finally managed to scream and run away.

We waited for my father and the other adults to arrive, informed them of what happened, but they didn't believe us.

They blamed us for watching horror movies and getting ourselves worked up.

A few days later, I overheard my parents talking about the incidents.

My father shared that one night, while he was asleep and my mother was at work, he felt someone pulling his blanket.

He initially thought it might be a cat that somehow got inside the house, trying to make sense of what happened.

He got up and looked around, but found nothing.

After going back to sleep, he felt another strong pull, causing the blanket to fall completely off the bed , My mother suggested placing open scissors in the house to ward off evil spirits.

From that day on, every night when I got up to use the bathroom or in the mornings, I would find open scissors placed in the middle of the house.

Fortunately, I never had another experience like that, well at least not in that house, and my friends never returned for movie nights.

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