Written By barnyardmomma

I think my eyes are open, but it looks like everything is so dark I only see shadows, but once I blink it turns to a bright light and nothing to be seen.


Was it an accident?

Did I try again?

He got to me didn’t he?


I hear the sounds of the world, but it is like static in the background, a movie just for noise, or the fuzziness of having headphones on.

Where am I?

Is this Heaven….

Hell… Purgatory?

Who am I?

I can’t remember my face, name, age, family, nor friends.


I keep blinking hoping some shade or resemblance of color will bring me back to the memories that evade me, but that whisper within the reaches of my fingers.

A sudden realization is I’m disassociating again….

He got to me?


I don’t want to be his little girl, I want to be like the wind in the trees, birds, bees, ANYTHING that is free to roam and leave.

Why… why didn’t I speak up sooner….

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